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Ultraduration Topical Anesthesia

Ultraduration Topical Anesthesia

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Secondary numbing during procedure.

Ultra Duration is renowned for its unparalleled potency, making it the go-to choice for professionals in the industry. With its exceptional strength, this topical anesthetic ensures optimal pain relief for clients, even in the most sensitive areas. In addition, it acts swiftly, providing the much-needed comfort your clients deserve within minutes.

Ultra Duration doesn't just address pain; it also goes the extra mile by reducing swelling. This added benefit ensures that your clients experience minimal discomfort and a faster recovery process. By incorporating Ultra Duration into your procedures, you're providing comprehensive care that enhances the overall experience for your clients.

Applying Ultra Duration Topical Anesthetic

  • Clean and prepare the treatment area
  • Apply a small amount of the topical anesthetic to the open skin - avoid applying the product to closed or intact skin
  • Wait 2-3 minutes for Ultra Duration to take effect
  • Remove excess product
  • Temporary reactions such as blanching, skin irritation, or sensitivity may occur
  • Avoid eye contact
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