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Permablend Corrector

Permablend Corrector

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Need help disciplining brows fading to unnatural-looking shades? Use Olive, Pumpkin, and Golden Correctors to show them whose boss!

  • Olive Corrector: An opaque olive-colored pigment intended to neutralize red and orange brows.
  • Pumpkin Corrector: An opaque light orange-yellow pigment intended to neutralize purple/blue brows.
  • Golden Corrector: An opaque golden-yellow pigment intended to neutralize brows that are too blue/green.

As part of our LUXE Collection, these pigments are REACH-Compliant and BVL-registered.

What it is: A set of three pigment correctors formulated with titanium dioxide for total coverage and lasting correction.

Why you’ll love it: You can easily match varying pigments and correct brows with the range offered from the three-bottle set.

What you need to know: Each of our pigments is designed to enhance your client’s natural beauty. Our team tests every batch for consistency and safety, so you never have to worry about nasty additives, or how our colors will show up in your clients’ skin. Ethically made and ethically tested, Perma Blend is certified vegan and cruelty-free.

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